Master Artisans

In our shop, you find local Estonian products direct from master Artisans and small food production companies.
For many of them, our shop is the main presentation and selling platform in Tallinn. 

With their own stands are represented: 
  • Lilian & Martin Bristol (Lilian & Martin) – felt, textile and wood products, 
  • Alvar & Aira Heiste blacksmith workshop,
  • Zenya Aun (Gildry) – leather bindings 
  • Nestor Ljutjuk (Tallinna Paber) – postcards on handmade paper,
  • Liina Veskimägi-Iliste (Feltmill) –  felted hats and toys,
  • Riina Maitus (Folte) – felted hats and accessories 
  • Ülle Ehrpais – patchwork
  • Riina Tomberg – knitware,
  • Kaja Rants ja Vello Leitham (Kehrwieder Röstikoda) – Tallinn's best coffee beans and chocolate,
  • Olavi & Alari Pajumets (Lohu Lelu) – wooden toys,
  • Raigo & Riho Niils (Noarootsi Noavabrik) – juniper products,
  • Daniel Rahuvarm - wooden fifes,
  • Andre Roossaar (Woodroom)– wood products, wooden platters
  • Andres Kink (Andrese Puidukoda) – wood products, cutting boards
  • Anneli Endla – glass, jewellery,
  • Toomas Mägi – bronze and silver copies of archaeological findings,
  • Tõnis Luik – blacksmith, nail hooks

  and many others.

If you have any questions regarding the products represented in our shop please contact us  info [at]